Can I Disable A Country For One Store Only With Multistore?

We have multistore setup

Shop EU in Europe

Shop CH in Switzerland

Shipping is setup differently for each shop; they are NOT shared, since there is no shipping and delivery from EU -> CH or CH -> EU.

So far so good.

From a customer perspective it does NOT make sense to enter a CH address in the EU shop, or visa versa, because it will be undeliverable.

However, countries cannot be disabled for each store individually.


How can we limit a customer in the CH shop to see only the CH countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein) when he enters his shipping/billing address?

Probably need to configure locations for each store if possible. The default is all countries so you need to set CH only for one store and EU for the other.

Administration->Shipping & taxes->Locations


We use locations for shipping and taxes.

But I don't see how they can be used for the customers addresses...

The customers can still choose in every store all active countries for their address.

Are we missing a point?

I misunderstood. Even though the customer cannot checkout, you don't want to even have the option to select other countries? If so, you may have to have custom code.

Thank you.

This confirms our understanding of the multistore implementation, which is also in others aspects quiet disappointing and not well done.

Quick and clean:

I would add the flag of switzerland to the header of your EU shop and advertise the .ch store there.

Also at the shipping charge overview page.

Or make a popup to let the visitor choose his country to get the correct VAT.

If I remember correctly cs-cart has a geo location function which could maybe very helpful for your needs.