Can I delete demo data via PHP Admin and the database?

Hi All - I know this is probably a typical question, how to delete the demo data. I have followed this KB article: (BTW - there is no where to access/delete “tags” within 4.0.1)

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

And all the Products and demo data seem to be gone, but they are all still in the database (or at least 100 or so), this is not even terrible, but what is getting me is that I see all these products in the list when I try to exclude products from product tabs.

I have needed to create about 10 new product tabs and the only way to prevent them from being on every product is to exclude them from all products you want them not to show on, that is where I see all the demo products still.

I am afraid to just go in and start deleting rows from the data base. Any tips on how to delete these form the database?

Thanks for your help.