Can I Connect Quickbooks Desktop Version To Cs-Cart Online Shop And Sync

Can I connect quickbooks desktop version to CS-Cart online shop and sync?

I've used Quickbooks as the accounting software for my business since 2009. My primary sales channel is my CS-Cart store. 99% of my sales are thru the CS-Cart store. Built in QB support was one of the factors that led me to choose CS-Cart.

Once a week, Monday morning, I export the previous week's CS-Cart orders to the quickbooks.iff file and import them into Quickbooks. All new customers, invoices & payments are imported in moments. I apply the payments to the invoices, and make the deposits in QB.

QB handles all my purchase orders from my vendors, balances my checking accounts and credit card accounts.

Because I actually build most of my inventory I use Quickbooks for Manufactures and Wholesale. When I build new parts, I build them in QB, which calculated the true cost of each build. I then price it for retail and set it up in the CS-Cart store.

It is not “connected” though. It is the master copy of my inventory and the brains and history of my business. At year's end I print two reports for the accountant and he works up my taxes. Keeping track of all your expenses PAYS OFF at tax time.

You do have to edit the php script CS-Cart includes which generates the IIF file. No two businesses will use the exact same IIF file, so you need to know what you want in the IIF. I hate accounting. Hate it. But learning how to write a good IIF file for QB imports was not that tough. I tried to get CS-Cart to improve the QB export last year, but no matter how I explained it, they just couldn't understand the simple things they needed to do, so they did nothing - which is better than what they did with the Product Configurator or the Affiliate Program addons. You would think that they would understand that you don't want to import (and overwrite) your inventory every time you import an order…

Also there is some 3rd party software (webgility) that will connect QB to CS-Cart thru a web service, but I don't need it and never looked at it seriously. CS-Cart's IIF file generator works just fine for me.

Hi Magpie Don,

Thanks for your detailed explanation. I havent got quickbooks yet. If I have 2 front ends or stores how does quick books manage to differentiate.

I check the price for quickbooks online it costs 29€ everymonth. One time payment for Quickbooks UK desktop version is some 710£ +vat.

Intially I was told everything is built into to CS-cart and I can have everything managed in once back office. My phone orders , website orders and offline shop. But now I dont like the invoice template on CS-cart. It doesnt have the Purchase order option for each suppliers and CS cart is laking on many aspects.

2 months i am struggling and still my business is it online yet.

People market the products are for small office business but the prices are never affordable for small business people.

Then comes the need for buying extra modules and 3rd party software. I am most likely fed up.

I have never been in online business before. I have no experience. This is my attempt and I have no support from any one.

Can you help me guiding what is actually needed to make my requirement short and less cost?


We use for importing orders. It has worked quite well for us for a few years now. They don't charge the monthly fees which is part of what we liked.

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I check the price for quickbooks online it costs 29€ everymonth. One time payment for Quickbooks UK desktop version is some 710£ +vat.


I pay $200 US for Quickbooks Manufacturing and Wholesale edition. I buy the new version about every 3 years.

If you want more than one simultaneous user, then it costs more.

Every business, big or small, needs accounting software. CS-Cart is just a sales channel. It's not accounting software.