Can global options br uploaded in csv?

I have created a global option for a product, and would now like to apply to other products via a csv upload.

I did an export, and copied the option into a new product, but it does not appear.

Any help appreciated!




Products cannot have options uploaded with price/weight variants.

The options are for finish choice of product only…so can that be done?

If you want to do it per product then yes.

Create a product and add the necessary product options.

Export this product to a CSV

Copy the column in excel to all product lines (rows) that require the said product options.

Well that is what I thought…however it does not work…

I created this option for a product: “{14}finish: R[{26}polished,{27}brushed]”…copied it exact (w/o " 's) to a second product then imported. Second product does not display options in admin or store.

Any ideas?

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Much easier to use PHPMyAdmin (found on almost all servers). Look at the option tables and their structures using PHPMyAdmin. Study the structure. Create an Excel file with the same columns. Populate your Excel File. Output Excel as a CSV file. Import CSV into tables using PHPMYAdmin.

Note for CS Options you have to upload two files into the two option tables.

I populated my entire product database options (including global options) using this approach. Over 50,00 options. Much much easier.

“Note for CS Options you have to upload two files into the two option tables.”

So far I follow, except with two options tables are you referring to?

Thanks for the help


First I create the global options using cs-cart, but do not fill in any data. Just create the option so that cs-cart assigns a option_id to it.

Then create an Excel file for Table cscart_product_options and an Excel file for Table cscart_product_option_variants. Fill in all the data using the option_id assigned by cs-cart for that global option.

Upload through PHPMyadmin.

I have 1000’s of products and i tried to follow your the instructions in this post but i am stuck.

I have imported my products. I have created a global option called size.

I get the whole import into sql thing but…

Now what?

It would be great if I can apply global option to mass products.:frowning:

“It would be great if I can apply global option to mass products.”

catalog/global options/apply to products then click add products.

find all the products you want with the same globals (you can more than 1 global at a time).

apply as link if you want the product to update if you update the global.

if you want to do it csv thats a whole different ball game.