Can Cs-Cart Be Our New Webshop Platform?

Dear M.Nijdam,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

My name is Maria, I am a sales manager. I will be glad to answer your questions.

As far as I understand, you plan selling both regular and downloadable products. CS-Cart allows to sell both. Downloadable products work in the following way. When a customer purchases a downloadable product, an email with a download link is sent to him/her. The time when the customer can get access to a download page depends on the admin settings. There are three activation types:

  • manually (the admin should allow the access in the admin panel);
  • immediately (the link will be available after the order is placed);
  • after the full payment (the order status should be changed to “Processed” or “Complete”).

    [size=4]After that, CS-Cart will send an email to the customer with a link to download his/her purchase. [/size]

    [size=4]The moment that I would like specify whether you want to connect your image banks and your CS-Cart store so customers could choose an image from your bank and then be redirected to the store for placing an order. [/size]

    [size=4]You can add your images to created products in CS-Cart. Each product can have the main (detailed) image and some additional ones. [/size]

    [size=4]Please, feel free to send your response at . [/size]

    [size=4]Thank you. [/size]

Note that in CS-Cart downloadable and regular item of the same image will be 2 different products. One product cannot be regular and downloadable at the same time.