Can't import orders from old to new version

This would have been nice to know before I used the import/export feature to move my order data from my old cart version to the new one. No where does it say that this import export feature is ONLY for updating EXISTING orders! Now I have users missing all their order history & reward points. I now have to figure out how to manually add it all myself.

From CS-Cart support when trying to find out why my customers weren't showing order history:

Please note that the EXPORT DATA/IMPORT DATA feature is not used for

moving orders from one store to another. It is used just for updating

existing orders. I suggest that you should consider our custom

development service. Our custom development specialist can explore

whether it is possible to transfer your orders and, if possible, can

estimate your request. Please let me know if you are interested in it

and I will forward your request to our specialist.

OK so I said sure send the request, knowing it'll be phenomonally high, & the response from THAT is that they can't even estimate it for a month because they're so busy.