Can't Extend Graphql Schema

Hi there

I am trying to extend Graphql I just created a hook of addons/graphql_api/schemas/graphql_types/query.php in my addon addons/graphql_api/schemas/graphql_types/

the issue raised is that the new hook file override all queries in the original file


if you check Service class in app/addons/graphql_api/Tygh/Addons/GraphqlApi/Service.php

you will see it loading schema just like normal like other schema except for graphql, it's really weird!!

I have cleared cache file manually multiple time but still the same issue.

Is this addon really extendable ????


I have checked this, the mentioned scheme is extended like any other one. For example, I have extended it via My changes add-on:


And it works as intended. Make sure to clear the cache after adding the new scheme, since list of schemes is being cached.

Hope it helps.