Can't edit HTML block

I am trying to add a new HTML block. I'm adding images in the Block Text, & it lets me upload an image but when I click on other fields (i.e. Alt Text, Link, etc.) it doesn't do anything. When I TAB to those fields it does there but when I enter text it does nothing. Any ideas?

Are you on the newer version yet ? if so try going into settings/appearance and change the default wysisyg editor then change it back again if it clears up. Also clear the cache.


Changing thy WYSIWIG editor fixed it, thanks! And yes it’s the latest version I’m working on. B)

And you changed it from/to…?

Same issue here:

When adding (or editing) a picture in a HTML block using CKEditor, I can’t edit the pics attributes like alt text.

I prefer using CKeditor though because it doesn’t mess up my html like TinyMCE does.

TinyMCE simply ruins my entire bottom layout, so I keep switching between editors :)

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And you changed it from/to…?


I changed it from CKEditor to tinyMCE.

It was originally on tinyMCE but wasn't able to edit code in the Template Editor so changed it to CKEditor. Later realized the problem was with Internet Explorer 9 - it works in Mozilla Firefox. Then I just forgot to change it back.