Can't Acces Email Settings After Setting Up SMTP

I was using PHPmail to send email, then I chose the SMTP setup, entered the required information. Now I want to go back to PHP, but when I click on “Settings >> Emails” … I get this error:

Warning[color=#C09853]The Section Emails is unavailable for this store.[/color]

It also tells me that the Section Shippings is unavailable too.

??? Can someone please tell me is this a bug? How do I switch back to PHPmail? If it's a bug, can someone tell me how to find it in the database so I can switch back by manually changing it there? If it's something simple that I've overlooked to change it back, please do forgive me.

I am using the latest version of CS-Cart.

Thank you.


i"m guessing you need to be in the “all stores” view for some of these settings (or in a specific store - try both ways). Not sure if email settings are global or by-store. By-store would make the most sense from a spam detection standpoint.