Calling a cgi post-payment

This is sort of an over-arching question, and I haven't truly checked into it yet (I'm a noob), but…

I would like to call a .cgi script of my own after CS-Cart comes back from a payment that has been approved, with certain pieces of information. This mainly so I can assign serial numbers to certain pieces of software I sell and compose the download links for them. My system for that is all done and custom.

Where is the general direction I would look in to do this?

If you do this in html, you would create a file of:


And add whatever html you want. This will run when the 'order.complete' controller is run.

If you want do do it in PHP then you would use a post controller for checkout. Without going into too much detail, you would:[list=1]

[]Create a file called addons/my_changes/controllers/customer/


]add an if( $mode == 'complete')
[*]return array(CONTROLLER_STATUS_OK)