Calculating Profit Margin?

Hello everyone,

In CS-Cart, there is an option to enter list price, and price. Is there a field where I can input the actual cost of the product? Like the cost for which I as a merchant bought that for my inventory?

After integration with an analytics suite, this could provide me with detailed insights about my profits and margins, and whether my advertising is matching profit margin expectations.


No CSC does not have the function. It was posted in user voice almost 6 years ago.

It seems crazy that this feature hasn't been added, yet!

Have you tried to search such addon on cs-cart marketplace?

Long time ago there was an add-on with similar functions. Due to the low interest the development was closed without porting it to the latest cs-cart version.


I use this to record cost prices in CS Cart.

Hope this helps


I use this to record cost prices in CS Cart.

Hope this helps

I've modified my cart already to do this and it is great to be able to see your cost on the screen if you have a customer requesting a better deal. However, it is too basic. What we need is to be able to enter a total cost (product(s) plus/and shipping(s)) because I am sure that a majority of cart users do not exactly hit the nail on the head when it comes to shipping charges. We then need to be able to see this total cost in the sales reports.

You just export it to excel and manipulate the data, I would rather do that that have all my data sitting on a server or am I missing something?

Have you looked at Navicat?

I have and use navicat frequently but I am not sure what you're suggesting.?

I don't know about your business but my costs change frequently so it's not an accurate way of figuring out (generally at the end of the year doing taxes) how much you actually profited (or god forbid lost) from a sale unless you record the exact cost of the product and the cost of shipping at that date and time.

If you expose your DB to the internet so you can use NaviCat, you are asking for trouble and you certainly would NOT be PCI compliant.