Caching Issue With Opcache Apc?

When I change a product from options type "simultaneous" to "sequential" and clear my cache the changes don't show up or revert back after refresh or when I clear my cache later. Is there a certain order that my cache needs to be cleared? Do I clear APC, Opcache and template cache in a certain way for changes to take affect? If I have a vendor who needs to make this kind of change I want it to show up. I am using multi vendor 4.3.7. Or is this an issue with cs cart? I did notice when going back to "file" instead of "apcu" in config.local.php the issue goes away so it might be a bug with APCU in cs cart. Thanks for the help.

I would report it to bugtracker and suggest that clearing of all possible caches that are supported be cleared by the fn_clear_cache() function.

Will do! Thanks.