Cache refreshing proceedure.

Can anyone explain the correct procedure for clearing and refreshing the template and skin_repository cache (folders in “var”). I’ve read a few posts that mention clearing the cache (deleating), but none of them mention exactly what should and shoudn’t be deleted and the correct or “best practice” way of going about it. Since their are several cached folders in there I felt an explanation would be nice to avaoid breaking anything.

I’m asking this questions because aparently the skin selector makes use of the skin_repository folder in the cache and when I deleted the var/skins_repository folder last night, the skin selector lost all it’s information and it has not come back, so I gathered the cached has not updated its skins info. This is important since I’m creating new templates and I’m learning how to do it by modifiying the original ones so I am encountering issues with how the templates and their images are cahced and where they actually get restored from when one clicks on “Restore from the repository” in the template editor.

Also, if anyone knows what is the automatic interval by which the cache will refresh itself, this information would be helpful too.



errr, not sure what you mean by ‘cached’, so maybe its me thats all wrong here…but I think you got things backwards. Templates are restored from the skins_repository. You deleted the ‘originals’. the repositry is where the skin selector gets its info, it then makes a copy of it in the skins directory. Thats the one you can delete and not worry about it. The ones in ‘var’, you shouldn’t touch.

How to create new templates from current ones, load the template you want to work with, change and edit the files however you wish in the skins directory, and then save it to the repository as a different folder. In the regular skins folder, theres a file, forgot what it’s called, but theres a toggle which you can set so that the skin selectory can see and load it.