Cache Rebuild Problem

i have problem with theme.

when i clear cache sometimes non cached pages appear like


secod refresh page working correctly how can i fix this ?

Guessing you have a very busy site and the cache is being partially reconstructed as it is being cleared (clearing large cache via PHP takes a long time).

Using the parameter method (?cc) there is no way around it. You can manually clear the cache by renaming var/cache to var/cache1 and then removing var/cache1 recursively.

The cache clearing in cs-cart should do it this way so that the cache is immediately cleared and rebuilt while the file/directory removal is in process.

It could also be a CDN issue if you use CDN. Cheap ones (or free) are not very quick at updating themselves for deleted cache entries.

Thank you, i will try your advices. But you can right i dont use cdn i have vps, its can be low memory problem?

Not likely, but possible since purpose of a cache is to load it into memory. If you wee running out of memory you wouldn’t see the page displayed in any form.

my vps is have 1GB memory i think problem is the problem.

That would be pretty lean. But you should have an entry in your error_log indicating that the php process was terminated due to lack of memory.