Buy Together In Many Products At Once


i would like to know if the following can be done:

i want to have the buy together feature configured as following

1>i have a product that i want itto be inserted as a buy together in bulk adition for different storefront

products at the same time with the same confiquration discount in all the products that will be added.

The configurated discount is that will be offered in the same price as a gift on each one of the products.

At this time i know that i can go to PRODUCTS---->BUY TOGETHER TAB and add a combination but is for the specific product only and this is not what i want because with this way i have to go seperatly on each product and add the same product combination.

This is time consuming because i would like to add this buy together product on lets say 30 products with the same discount options. And i want it to be disabled/enabled when i want with a click in all of the 30 products at once

any help appriciated :grin:

i now see that i may should have added this post to this section ....sorry