Buy One Get One Set Up

I am trying to set up a BOGO I don't see a way in the quantity discounts so I set up a promotion. However it is not working properly when the customer buys more than 1, they still get only one. If they buy 2 or more they should get an equal amount for free. I also have discounts for quantity purchases (ie 15% on $50 purchase) and this superceeds the BOGO even though I marked the BOGO to ignore other promotions.

Thank you

I am trying to close out a position on a product. I am looking to offer a BOGO where customers can buy a product and get one free for everyone they buy. I don't really want to offer this as a 50% discount as I feel the BOGO would be more effective.

I set up a promotion to buy 1 of the product with a bonus of 1 of the same product free.

that works ok if the customer buys 1. But if the customer buys 2 the cart still shows 1 free.

I then set up a second promotion with a buy of 2 and bonus 2. But the cart shows 3 free.(2+1)

I then changed the second promotion to a buy of 2 and bonus of 1 and that works for the buy of 2.(1+1)

But that is as far as I can get. I have been unable to get 3 for 3 with any combination of buy + Bonus.

I tried various ways of using the "stop other rules" but no help.

I tried staging the position settings but no help.

No matter how many the customer buys the cart shows only 2 max free.

Can you suggest anything.

Thank you

Have you tried "buy together"? Use the same product as the combination product, set the combination product discount to generate a Nil value. As each primary product is added it will result in an equal number of combination products added. Not an ideal solution, rather clumsy, but may suit your needs.