Buy Now Button Is Actually Not Buying


I first thought that it was a translation issue; but actually it's a software design issue I think. Mine is just an opinion but I should say; "Buy Now" button doesn't actually do what it's name suggests.

As a consumer I would consider "Buy Now" button is a quick way of buying something. If I see a button like "buy now" in a web page; I consider that I could buy that product without so much hassle. But what it happens now is typing your name and phone number; and waiting for someone to call you. And even after that; I still haven't actually bought; what should happen then?

This is in deed not "buy"ing and absolutely not "now".

I think either the name of the button or the way it works should change.

Is everyone really fine with "buy now" button NOT buying actually? :)

No, I always thought the same as you..."Buy in 1 click" ermm, no "buy after filling in all your info" is what it should be called. Waste of time in my opinion

I have suggested fixing this for registered users. Probably will be improved if they not forget