Bundles In Google Shopping Vs Id

I have quite a few “merchant bundles” and according to Google I should be using the “is_bundle” spec and the same “id” as the main product. All well and good, and I can create that tag. That should bring up my bundles as people search for the main product.

But I use the Product Code as the “id” in my feed. If I use the same product code for both in the store, I end up with duplicate codes and that's not going to work well in CS Cart, or our order system (Webgility/Quickbooks).

Anyone have any ideas about setting the code/ids up so they are the same - but different?

Here's what google says:


Merchant-defined bundles are custom groupings of different products defined by a merchant and sold together for a single price. A bundle features a main item sold with various accessories or add-ons, such as a camera combined with a bag and a lens. The main item of a bundle is the featured product of those items included in the bundle. Since they are defined by the merchant, these bundles as a whole unit typically do not have unique product identifiers. When submitting a merchant-defined bundle, use the 'is bundle' attribute and provide the unique product identifiers corresponding to the main item in the bundle. Using the 'is bundle' attribute for your merchant-defined bundles will allow you to distinguish them from multipacks and product listings that contain a main item only.

When to include: Required to submit merchant-defined bundles for all countries except Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, India, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Turkey. Type Boolean: TRUE or FALSE Text/Tab delimited TRUE XML (Feeds) TRUE Content API v2 (JSON) “isBundle”: true Content API v2 (XML) true