Bulk Upload Question

Hey all -

We are doing an initial migration to CS CART… we sell digital items and have a LOT of them to migrate over from ZenCart…

Does anyone know of anyway to do a mass upload of files to products… We have hundreds of items and each item has about 6 - 9, 5mg files… What I am thinking is if I create the hundreds of item entries, without the files, then had a way to mass upload in a big FTP file transfer or something, up to CA Cart, then associate them to the product?

Ideally, it would be awesome to upload all the files to a directory, then run a script that somehow associated all the files to the products…


Upload your file via ftp into a directory with some structure to the naming.

Then use the product import functionality to specify the paths to the files for each product. You might have to use a full pathname.