Bulk upload images using product template?

Is there any way to include more than one single image for the thumbnail or detail image for each product? Most of my products have more then one image, so it would save a lot of time if I could just included them in the template. I suppose no way to include color option images as well.

add a few images to a product in admin, then export the images of that product

admin>export>image pair as comma delimited .csv

you will then see how to import them back in as a csv. you have to ftp all the images to a server first if not already there.

the image type code for additional images (the ones under the main product) is A for additional.

colour option images…sorry dont think so


Thanks for the reply. I exported all the products and still don't see it in my export. I only see the one detailed image.

dont export products export “images”, you will see in admin>export data options to export products, google base, images etc, export the images. Unless perhaps you are using the free version in which case I dont know if that supports image export only!.


Thanks for the reply. I was adding images to my color options, that are not exporting and get overwritten on product template update. So I won’t be using that again :) Ok so uploading through my .CSV using “images” import is working now. The only way I can get it to work is by adding the absolute path to the image. Even though the instructions on the import state you don’t need the absolute path?

[quote]Directory where images are located. This will be used if image file is specified without a path; this must be an absolute path[/quote]

It says right there on the field, “WILL BE USED IF FILE IS SPECIFIED WITHOUT A PATH”. But it does not work unless I include an absolute path in the import CSV. What gives?