Bulk product Upload Solution

Hi there,

I wonder if there is any way can get Bulk product Uploaded to the site from the panel.

Import is the way to go :)

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Import is the way to go :)


hi Flow, thank you. i got it .

I have a question, is there a way to autmate this,i am trying to establish a large inventory, and most suppliers offer nightly updates ( and yes i am too cheap to pay for what i can do my self as far as downloading and rearangeing the data to a usable csv file) but pushing up one file after another is a waste of man hours that could be better spent on other task like order processing or search engine submisions and the like.

You might want to consider having a developer create an add-on for you that could read the files into CSC automatically.

I have one we developed ourselves that is specific to our own ERP Database but it does wonders for us. It was

worth the time invested to develop it.

hi solesurvivor,I am new to cs-cart and really need that automating my uploads,i like your suggestions on getting a developer to create an addon to do that automatically,pls do you have an idea on who to contact on it,can you recommend a developer? i will need one pls,thanks alot