Bulk Product Updating Capabilities

You have a line of products in a specific category that need weights to be changed for example.

You have a category that has over 1 thousand items. But the weight needs to be changed in ALL of them.

It would be nice to be able to look at your product listings and be able to do a search query on like names, categories, weights, prices, variants etc. If there was a way to you can specify which fields get set to a common value I think this may do the trick.

Now if you had this, all you would need to do is pull all items that weighed 33 lbs and once query was pulled and shown, you could update ALL of them at one time with the new weight of 35 pounds in one fell swoop.

If this was set up right, you could also do this for names of items, prices, variants etc. All with one click of a button. Job done, next task please. total time saver.