Bulk print packaging slips?

In admin, when I view a page of orders, check them all off and hit BULK PRINT, it prints a bulk of invoices. How can I change it so that it prints a bulk of packaging slips and not invoices?

I've recently changed the information displayed on my invoice but the packaging slip is the same. I need to print off slips instead of invoices, but having to go into each order one-by-one is time consuming.

I'm looking for where the code is that generates the string of invoices? I see when I hover my house over the link to view an invoice, that the url is:


To make it show packaging slips, the url is:


I figure in the code, if I just change print_invoice to print_packaging_slip, it will generate a string of packaging slips.

Can't find the files in admin under template editor.


nevermind. i found it in invoice.tpl. there was a code for bulk.print to display results of print_invoice. I changed it to print_packaging_slip.


thx, this will be useful to me