Bulk change of Options Settings > Options type?

Anyone know if there is a way to change, in bulk via the Choose Action > Edit selected window OR another way, to change the “Options type: Sequential | Simultaneous” field? I see practically every other field except that one. I would hate to have to do it manually…

I'm looking for this also.

We recently upgraded from an older version of CS-Cart which we modified to make options required, and that's been abandoned. Now all the products are set to “Simultaneous” and we need them changed.

May be able to export the product_options table from php my admin change all the product_options_types then re import


Looks like the option_type field in that table stays “S” no matter which is selected in the admin…

I had a quick look and I see s and f,

Not sure which is which


Ok, in v2.1.4 this is stored in in the main products table, in the options_type field. “P” for simultaneous and “S” for sequential.

I ran a query on the db to set that field to “S”, then went into skins/YOURSKIN/admin/products/update.tpl and swapped the order of the options so the default is now sequential.