Builting store locally and moving to hosting

OK, I am building a new store with CS-Cart Professional 2.2.2.

So have a Mac and running MAMP, so I have Apache, PHP, MySQL etc. I usually build sites locally, and then move them when complete. Page load times are just much faster.

It been a while since I have moved a cs-cart site.

So now that it's complete can someone tell me values need to change in config files, and the db.

Here's what I have done thus far.

Database: I have the MySQL database setup on remote site, db, username, password all match the local. I connect remotely with NaviCat and copy all the tables up.

Pages: I have FTP the entire site to the root of the site.

Updates permissions on /images /var and /skins

Updated the config.local.php, with the new domain name.

Loading the site, basically loads, (database connection fine) but it looks like it does not have the style sheet, and images are not loading Browsing through the HTML, the paths appear to me fine.

Is here some setting in a table(s) I need to update?

Your assistance is appreciated.

Clear your site cache (?cc) and your browser cache and you should be fine.

I wish it was that easy. Clear cache did not help.

It was the .htaccess file that was causing the issues, the hosing company helped me out.