"Build your outfit" addon. Is it a good idea?

Edited by Alt-team! The first basic version of “Build your outfit” tool is ready. Please read more details and try demo here.

This tool can fit any business where it is possible to create a set combining together separate items or visually configure a product.

Hello, everybody!

We would like to know your opinion about our new idea - “Build your outfit” addon for CS-Cart based online clothing stores.

“Build your outfit” addon will allow customers to create their own outfit by putting together clothes, shoes and accessories to get the desired look.

We would appreciate your opinions and thoughts. Is it a good idea? Would you use such a module?

More details and our vision can be found here.

See the attached image as an example (screenshot from wetseal.com)

Best regards, Alt-team


Seems like a good idea, will it be a bolt on to product designer and what sort of extra cost do you forsee.


Hello John!

It will be a separate module. We already have a basic functionality for it (some functionality of our Product designer addon).

It's difficult to say how much “Build your outfit” addon will cost, it will depend on technical side of the development process. Now we just want to see how many people will show interest in such a module.

Best regards, Alt-team

I@ Alt-team - If you guys are looking to make an add-on, I'd try to make one that connects cs-cart to accounting software like WAVE accounting (free) or Xero (better but not free). I think that would interest a LOT of people… (bye bye quickbooks!)

Idea good(for my business I'll definitely buy this addon).

BUT platform is wrong: not Flash. Even Adobe drop Mobile Flash and concentrate on HTML5.

Hello everybody!

Flow, thanks for your idea, we've noted it down.

AKL, we've actually planned to use Flash but we would be glad to implement our idea using HTML, Java Script and CSS if we gather a good number of opinions like your opinion.

Best regards, Alt-team

I agree flash should be avoided.

This would be a great module! Same as AKL, I don't like Flash, it's slow.

Please add different body shape for model: slim, normal, plus size etc.

Hello everyone!

We are glad to announce that the first basic version of “Build your outfit” tool is ready!

As requested by many users “Build your outfit” tool is based on AJAX and made with HTML, Java Script, CSS, jQuery.

Please read more details and try demo here. (We have a Magento based demo, but the same works for CS-Cart).

This tool is a completely customizable solution and can be modified per your requirements and integrated into any shopping cart system.

Now we would like to see how many people are interested. In case of sufficient interest we will add more must-have features into a basic module. Otherwise we will offer a basic module as it is now and customize it for a particular client.

We will be glad to get your feedback with opinions and recommendations that will help us in the further development of this tool.

Best regards, Alt-team

There could be many uses for this,

eg can customer upload a photo of their room and then see how my furniture products look in the room, or decorations on wall, decals on a car, designs on a t shirt, could the person could upload his own pic and see what he or she looks like with tee shirts on?


can the chosen products then be added to basket and checkout or is it purely a view option.

we are using a similar thing at the moment on our website www.stannosoccer.co.uk (view the team dresser link), this allows pdf etc to be sent to customer


Looks very interesting. I would suggests the following features:

  1. Allow customer's to add products to the outfit board from their Wishlist or something similar called “My Closet”. It's hard to browse and see details of the product on this page. It would be better to select and add products to a list and then put together on the outfit board.

  2. After building the outfit, they should be able to shop a group of products together. Otherwise this addon is not useful. I would also see options of discount for the group of products.

Hello John and ghostrider,

Thank you for your feedback!

John, you are right, this tool can fit any business where it is possible to create different types of collages or sets.

Currently, Build your outfit is a view option only but there are several planned features that will be included in the basic version, you have already mentioned two of them:

  1. Ability to add chosen items to the cart from the Outfit board.
  2. Customers will be able to add items to their closet from the product details page (there will be one more board “My closet” board). Customers will be able to build outfit by choosing items from “My closet” board.

    Setting up a discount for a group of chosen products is a good option but it will not be added in the basic version, it can be customized for a particular client.

    You know it is extremely difficult to create a unique tool that will fit all clients' requirements that is why we plan to sell this tool with the basic necessary features and customize it for the particular business needs.

    Best regards, Alt-team

This would probably finally end up with java script -ajax based step by step visual

product configurator? Very interesting!

Hello everyone!

We've added the price for the basic Build your outfit tool, Compatibility section and the Notes that are necessary to read if you plan to acquire this tool. Please, check it out here .

As soon as we add more features in the default version, we will let you know about it in this thread.

Best regards, Alt-team