Bug with product features

So I upgraded my site to 2.2.4 the other day and some of my product features weren't showing up on the product details page. I thought it must have been something that I did and I spent a ton of time trying to figure out what I screwed up.

I finally gave up and contacted CS-Cart about it. I was pretty stoked when they fixed it and it ended up being a bug.

Here is what they said about it:

[quote]It was a bug. I replaced the following part of code:[/quote]

if (in_array($v['feature_type'], array('S', 'M', 'N', 'E'))) {
list($f_variants, $v_total) = fn_get_product_feature_variants($v['feature_id'], $params['product_id'], $v['feature_type'], true, $lang_code, Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_elements_per_page'));
$data[$k]['variants'] = $f_variants;

[quote]with this one:[/quote]

if (in_array($v['feature_type'], array('S', 'M', 'N', 'E'))) {
list($f_variants, $v_total) = fn_get_product_feature_variants($v['feature_id'], $params['product_id'], $v['feature_type'], true, $lang_code, AREA == 'A' ? Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_elements_per_page') : 0);

$data[$k]['variants'] = $f_variants;

[quote]in the fn.catalog.php file located in the core directory.[/quote]

Hopefully this will help someone down the road and keep them from spending a ton of time on something that was only a bug.



Thanks for looking into it brandon. I noticed the issue after upgrading but haven't had time to look into it.

Yep, you're an absolute star.

Thank you for posting this,

OMG YOU ROCK! I've been trying to figure this out forever! Thank you!

Look around line 1868. This seems to cause a limit to the number of variants that will display in the feature list.

I had 52 variants for a feature and it would only show the value if it was in the first 20 or so. This solved it. Thanks