Bug Tracker

Well, I have convinced CS cart to allow me to install VB Bug Tracker.

Not sure what that is? Take alook at the navigation at the top of the forums…

next to Uses CP, is Bug Tracker.

Now we can post bugs and monitor the progress and see if they are fixed!!!

I added one in to test it…

I hope this helps…


This sounds like a wonderful idea. Will this allow for actual files for the bug fixes to be attached? If so, then this will address one of my major concerns with how bug fixes are currently handled.

On a side note, when I click on the “Bug Tracker” link, I get an error stating “you do not have permission to access this page”.

Yea, im trying to figure out the permissions…it may require CS cart as my abilities are limited on the forums.

Nothing I can fix, it will have to wait for CS staff…sorry guys, but it will be a nice feature for sure.

If you want an idea of what it does ck out this link.


Bug Tracker Is Live!

Looks like the bug tracker is working nicely. :slight_smile: