BUG: Short Description Field Adds <p><br><p> On Save

Hello All,

The WYSIWYG editor adds erroneous code to the database if you delete the short description field when editing a product.

For example:

We have roughly 4,000 products and would like to use the long description excerpt for our short descriptions, which cs-cart says it does by default if there is no short description defined for a product.

If we add a product that by default has NO short description everything works like a charm. However if we remove a short description or add a short description and remove it nothing is displayed at all in the areas that either short descriptions should be displayed or if none are defined long descriptions are displayed.

When I look in the database with phpMyAdmin at the cs_cart_product_descriptions table it shows that the editor has automagically added the following code to the short descriptions field:

<br />
<p><br></p><br />

```<br />
<br />
It also seems to do this for the promo text field if you have promo text and then you delete it out and save the product.<br />
<br />
Even if you switch to code view and manually delete the paragraph and break tag(s) it still adds them in on save.<br />
<br />
Although not critical for running our site this is obviously a bug and I am hoping that a fix is available? As going into the database and manually removing code is pretty time intensive.<br />
<br />
Tested with all modern browsers on both Mac and PC.<br />
<br />
Any thoughts anyone? CS-Cart Team?

Sounds like this issue - [url=“http://forum.cs-cart.com/tracker/issue-4337-formatted-text-in-features/page__gopid__15971#entry15971”]http://forum.cs-cart.com/tracker/issue-4337-formatted-text-in-features/page__gopid__15971#entry15971[/url]

[quote name=‘NairdaCart’ timestamp=‘1375208533’ post=‘166054’]

Sounds like this issue - http://forum.cs-cart…5971#entry15971


Hello NairdaCart,

Thanks for the reply and the link, it is appreciated! However my issue is it actually doesn’t display the default long description if there is no short description as the editor is for some reason adding html to the database field for the short description. The cart thinks there is a short description even when it’s empty HTML tags and just displays nothing. If I view the source with Firebug I can see the empty HTML tags that are getting injected into the database.

I will drop this into the bug tracker, which for some reason I didn’t do originally… ^_^