Bug Report


Just thought I would post this bug. When uploading a new image pair from the admin products page, the hook called after the image is updated does not carry the new pair id over.

In fn.images.php line approx 483 requires the following line $pairs_data[$k][“pair_id”] = $pair_id; to fix the problem.

The hook is update_image_pairs.


  1. bug reports should be reported in the bug tracker.
  2. Why are you wanting to do this assignment? The $pair_ids array is passed along with $pairs_data.
  1. ok
  2. Because I am making use of it in one my hooks, I prefer the new pair id is linked to the data that was submitted, so I do not need to do any further db queries.
  1. Not sure what you mean since all the data is available in the parameters being sent to the hook. You should be able to organize it however you want within your hook function.