Bug Report: Frontend Default Language Is Not Working

we are setting Frontend default language to "fa" (persian language)
and "EN" is second language.
but always in first visit (without history and cache and in all browsers in PC or mobile,...) shows frontend with "EN" Language.
we was searching this issue in forum and tested many of methods to resolve this problem (like; some change in fn.init.php) but could not fix it yet.

notice: most of the methods in forum were for old versions of cs-cart.

what should we do?

version: 4.13.1.SP2

Hi, you check it in incognito mode of chrome?

what setting in default "SEO" addons?

You should check the fn_init_language function in the fn.init.php file

The default language is used if

- there is no sl parameter is request uri

- language is not saved is session

- there is no ability to detect browser language

I have this problem too.

Does anyone know the this problem?


You can take a look at the init_language_post hook and the $display_language variable, if you want to change the default behavior.