Bug or quick fix?

importing options as colors and sizes…

file is ; seperated with " " around fields

part interesting is importing

“Color: S[White / Pink], Size: R[OneSize]”;

doesn not work…

html shows…

<select onchange="fn_check_exceptions(2259); fn_change_variant_image(2259, 467, this.value); cart_changed = true;" id="option_2259_467" name="product_data[2259][product_options][467]"><br />
							<option selected="selected" value="3696">White / Pink] </option><br />
							<option value="3697"> Siz </option><br />
			<br />
			</select><br />
							<br />
							<br />
			<br />

Seems the help ? file is WRONG…

Options with variants:

Color: S[Red, Green, Blue], Size: R[X, XL, XXL]

it should say

Options with variants:

Color: S[Red, Green, Blue][COLOR=“Red”]; [/COLOR]Size: R[X, XL, XXL]