Bug or am I doing something wrong?

TRied this on v2.1.2 and v2.1.3 MVE

I created Product Features called “ISBN” and used Others>Numbers. It looks like it can only handle 10 digits?

If I enter a 13 digit ISBN, it converts it to 10 digit.

here’s a real example:

I entered: 9780670034710

After saving it changes to 4294967295

Same thing happens if i do an import via CSV.


Don’t use numbers. While an ISBN may look like a number, it’s really not. It can even start with a zero (which if it were a number the leading zero would be dropped). It’s a function of the field in the database.

Features are stored as numbers or as text. This is done so you can sort numerically or alphabetically…

thanks! i did just that.