Bug in CSCart 3

Every time you save a product or category page with a & in the title, the first save is ok but then it become & then continue to be more and more garbled due to what ever sanitization is ran on it not checking itself. Additionally anything in text area fields gets screwed up similary the html becomes garbled.

Is there a fix for this.

Please don't delete my post or if you move it I need the ability to post because I can't start a thread in any of the proper forums.

I fixed the problem myself but it requires modifying core (I suppose you could make a module to reverse this code but it would be inefficient). I found the file that was encoding everything before output as it reached the database. The output was ran through htmlspecial chars and put to the form fields in the admin, then you save and it iterates each time you save.

This is a major bug. The proper method is to htmlspecialchars the input, not the output. And have safety measures in place not to re-encode things another iteration each save. For now I removed it I hope it isn't still a bug in future versions of the cart.

I don't recall the file it took over an hour to track down exactly which file and line of code. If someone needs it I can search and find it again.

I think there was already a fix for this in the bugtracker, but thanks anyway :)


Ok thank you