Bug in cs-cart code for shipping modification provided under customer care subscription

I tried to log a job for this as it is cs-code and the terms of the cs-cart licence is that cs-code bugs are covered, I got told to go away and buy some more customer care (which seemingly could deliver another buggy modification that isn’t properly tested and warrantied.).

Modification delivered under ticket 103826183: Provide a custom shipping message for shipping id 13,.

BUG: if there are multiple vendors and one of them has shipping id 13 then the message shows for all shipping methods.

This was the code provided and placed in /design/themes/responsive/templates/addons/my_changes/hooks/checkout/shipping_rates.override.tpl. (by cs-cart)

{if $cart.chosen_shipping.$group_key == $shipping.shipping_id}
{if $shipping_id == 13}
{$company_data = fn_get_company_data($group.company_id)}

{__(“custom_shipping_rate_dec”, [“[vendor_name]” => $group.name, “[vendor_city]” => $company_data.city,
“[vendor_state]” => $company_data.state, “[vendor_phone]” => $company_data.phone])}


{$all_shippings.$group_key[$shipping.shipping_id].description nofilter}


Issues within modifications do not fall under the Bug Tracker branch of the Forums. You will need to either contact their developers (in this case our Customer Care department) and negotiate the terms of a fix, or contact a third-party developer for a fix.

As I can see, the modification was provided to you almost a year ago, in May 2023, so any ‘warranty’ if it could be applied has already expired. I’m sorry, but our team will not investigate this issue without an active Customer Care subscription.

This is from software licence and bug page … as I understand it the warranty is the life of the agreement. cs-cart made changes which they distributed which has a bug that you are refusing to fix iaw with your published terms.

" Upgrades of the Program means the changes in the Program distributed by the Company"

A bug is an error in the program, that causes the program to behave not as it was intended by the developer. We find and fix most of the bugs ourselves, often before they can appear in any released version. However, some bugs can slip through quality control. If you encounter one of those bugs, here’s how you can let us know about it”

" * Throughout the term of the Agreement, contact the Company with a description of bugs and errors detected during the Use of the Program. The Company, in turn, undertakes to inform the User of the possibility and term of correction of such bugs or errors."

This is not part of the original software. Modifications are provided “as is” and, in my honest opinion, one month is more than enough to test a single modification for all possible cases. Not 9 months.

Further discussion is beyond the scope of this forum, so I will close this topic to avoid any possible increase in “tension”.