BUG IE: 'this.style' is null or not an object

CS Cart 2.0.13

Serious bug affecting the tabbed display in IE8 and IE8 compatibility view.

Link for demonstration. You need to access it with IE: [url]http://shop.velocite-bikes.com/velocite-monc50-wheelset.html[/url]

The bug causes the tabs on product detail page to become inoperative. Additionally the tabbed content, for example the “Description” disappears from view.

I am completely lost and have no idea how and why this occurred. I do not know how to get the IE debugger to help me find the error. Firebug shows no errors.



The problem was being caused by the “my_changes” addon.

Even without any hooks in place, when this addon is enabled on our site, all versions of IE report an error and misbehave.

Hugely frustrating.