Bug? filling a block with products - can't limit number of products?

If I am using one of the dynamic options (newest, bestselling, etc.) I thought that there used to be an option under the specific settings to limit the number of products that would fill a block. I don’t see that option now. Am I crazy? Did this option ever exist? Am I the only one missing this option?

It seems like a bug to me because if I fill a block with “newest” products, there is no end… it just keeps going and going. I have a “bestselling” block that was created in the past and it does end. I think I remember being able to set the # of products. However, if I create a new bestselling block and use all the same settings, it keeps going and going.

When I set the “filling” to anything but ‘Manually’, I ca set the limit in specific settings.


Really? I wonder what would be preventing my installation from giving me that option?? :confused:

My only options are “Show item number” or “Number of columns” depending on the appearance I choose. Scroller gives me quite a few options but nothing to limit the number of products in a block.

Those are the settings for the Appearance type; there should also be a link for specific settings beside the Filling when it is set to anything but “Manually”.


I don’t have a Specific Settings link next to the Filling dropbox. It’s only next to the Block Content box and the Appearance box. :confused:

Did you make any changes in that code for your DOTD code?


What file would it be in? I can compare it to the file on my other store… I didn’t think of this before, but I just checked that store and it does have the ‘Specific settings’ link.

I actually didn’t have to change any code for DOTD on this store except for the couple of lines in fn.promotions.php for the Promotions Scheduling mod. Maybe it was an addon… :confused:

EDIT: is it block_manager.php?

Yes, it should be somewhere in the block_manager templates.


Thanks for your help.

I can’t figure out what’s wrong. :???: I wonder if it is the knowledge base addon… it modified some of those files, but I am not seeing what would have messed it up.

Check line 77 of /skins/YOURSKIN/admin/views/block_manager/update.tpl:

{assign var="index" value=$block.properties.fillings|default:"manually"}
[B][COLOR="Red"]{include file="views/block_manager/specific_settings.tpl" spec_settings=$specific_settings.fillings[$index] s_set_id="`$id`_fillings"}[/COLOR][/B]


Yep, I’ve got that exactly and the specific_settings files are identical for both of my stores.

I even resorted to copying the entire block_manager directory from my other store and put it in the problem store. I also copied controllers/block_manager.php. I still get no ‘Specific settings’ link in the problem store.

I can’t think of what else could be affecting this setting.

Too much mush in me head - I will need to pursue this tomorrow.


[quote name=‘jobosales’]Too much mush in me head - I will need to pursue this tomorrow.


:wink: That’s probably a good idea for me too. Thanks again for your help. :smiley:

Found the problem: the “Shop by Features” addon. The problem is resolved by disabling that addon.