Browser Caching


I ran a performance report of my site using GTMetrix ( and while the grades were mostly good, I got a poor rating for “Leverage browser caching”. The helpful hint was:

[quote]“The following cacheable resources have a short freshness lifetime. Specify an expiration at least one week in the future for the following resources:”[/quote]

…and it proceeded to list the files in question, most of which were images without expirations dates and styles.css under my_changes. Some of the images are watermark images generated by CS Cart and other are image URLs added into content.

I'd like to resolve this because my site runs slower than I'd like. Is there something globally I can do either within CS Cart, htaccess or elsewhere? I am running 4.2.3 and will be upgrading to the most recent version in the next few weeks.


Dear Novista,

We posted some advices how to increase website speed on Cs-Cart system in our blog last year.

There is a solution how to leverage browser caching.

Please read it, maybe it will be useful for you.

Website Performance: Is it Important?

Also you may contact us using the link from the signature if you have any questions.

Best regards, Alt-team.