Bring product management features to other areas

I created a few user voice items today - I’m hoping that the engineers will check them out and that you will too.

The primary request is that tags and categories sections of the site be brought into the product picker limelight.

Right now, if you want to add a tag to a product, you need to go to the product page. If you need to add the same tag to a lot of products - this sucks. You should be able to click on a tag, view the tag page, add meta data and also have a picker to add/remove tag assignments to/from products.

On the same wavelength, categories are a similar problem. Instead of just listing products in a category by relying the product search function, the category listing of products should include a three mode radio button for products that are involved in that category. I should be able to add products to that list and then designate whether the category is main, sub, or if the category should be dropped from the product.

Why? Because if you are in a holiday rush and make a mistake like me, you’ll want to see all the products in the Black Friday category you created last year, realize that 20 of them don’t belong there and more and delete them, only to realize you didn’t just delete them from the category - but because that category listing is global - you deleted them from the store.

And on that note, I added my third user voice request with 3 votes - isn’t it about time a trashbin/recovery got implemented here? How often have you had to redo content because you (or someone you know - gremlins) deleted something with no recovery option? Seems like a no-brainer. I’m not even asking for revision control - just the ability to have a trashbin I can pull stuff out of at the end of the day.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. I do know that this can be handled by import/export - but they still haven’t made object selection for exporting a reasonable affair, it’s a pain in the butt to have to clean up and prune my export list every time I want to make a change. It would be much faster to expand the UI to allow it.