Bring Back Statistics

This Google Analytics ( or whatever it’s called now ) is a dog.

Statistics was much more fun to watch during sales.

I am not even sure that Analytics even works.

I set it up correctly and so far 1 visitor when I know there were heaps.

It’s probably not ‘live’ as Statistics was but it is still a dog.

Addon I know but this works a treat for me

If you dont like Google Analytics, Woopra and Piwik are good alternatives.

The statistics add-on from Cart Power works very well.

[size=4]xmaster…that is most likely because it [size=6]IS[/size] the old statistics addon with some extra code.[/size]

Yes it is, and worth every penny.


is the addon free ( apart from the installation and the optional $5.00 donation )

and you just keep paying for upgrade periods ? It seems that way.

Does it move with you as you upgrade your cart ?

Hi Termalert,

The upgrade is not free. It will cost you $49.00, and that already including a 6 month of free updates.

More info can be found on Cart Power website: