Brand text in product tab


I am trying to find a way to add some Brand text in product tabs, but I need different tabs for different brands. Let’s say I have 3 products from 3 different brands, how i can make a Brand product tab, but with different content for each brand, and connect that brand to its products?
My point is to have some brand text for every product, if you know a better way instead of using product tabs I would be happy to hear it.

Thanks in advance!

The easiest way is to create new tab and put SMARTY block to this tab.

In the block you can check $product.product_features array for the selected brand and display necessary content depending on this data

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Thanks for your reply!
Does that mean I need to have 3 new product tabs, and 3 smarty blocks (one for each)? If that is true, then it is too many blocks and tabs, cause I have more than 50 brands…or maybe I didn’t understand it well?

It can be done in one block. E.g. if brand = Apple, show description A, if brand = Nike, show description B, etc