Brand Logo Instead Of Brand Name?

I wish to display brand logo instead of brand name on Brand page and product page. Any ideea how to do that ?

Thank You.

Nice idea

Hi there

if youa re looking this for v4.x we have that as addon. You can actually have both on the product screen as in the categoru list over the image

You can set image size from the Addon screen

Price is 20USD



Can you please tell me how this addon works. I want to know if i can simply check to show the brand logo on all products, or i should edit every product for that.

Thank You.


this is showing on every product. and it is controled through the feature brand just like the brand name under the Product Title.

So if you have set a brand to a product it will show up.


So if i install now this addon, will show product image on all my products which have a brand selected, is that correct? From where can i buy this addon?

Hi jalnicu

Yes exactly!

I will post the link shortly


Hi again

You can by this for 20USD from our eshop


Will this change text with images also on “Our Brands” page?