Bottom Of My Invoice Showing Incorrect Info

When an email gets sent re order complete

The following shows up on the very bottom of my invoice

"Quilting Australia is Australian Owned and Operated"

Only problem is this is showing up on my "Sewing Buddies Australia" Invoice

I cannot find it in snippets at all or anywhere else

The correct NAME shows up on the initial order email

But when the status is changed to PAID or Complete the WRONG NAME appears on the email


Please provide us with the screenshot where this information is located in the invoice


I have just taken a screen shot, but it is not actually on the invoice itself, it is in the email only right at the bottom

(I changed to the new format hoping I could find the problem)

I have narrowed it down to this entry in the footer

{{ __("customer_text_letter_footer") }}
But I cannot find the location of that file anywhere
I have been thinking about changing the snippet, but not sure exactly how to go about it and cannot find any information

Sorry Screen shot attached


Found it finally

Changed the wording in language variables

What a nightmare that was, surely something like this would have a help section that actually told you where to find it