Bottom Copyright Mini Mod

Hi there guys.

I 've been watching a long time the community forum and I have to say it really helped me on the daily work.

So recently I put together a small mod, for my new customer shops, that it only overrides the bottom copyright line and instead of that, puts copyright, address, phone (for the sake of Google SEO but also for visitors needs of direct communication). All that is taken from the admin area Company Settings(Settings-> Company).

Very straight forward and simple. Just copy all files over (in the root) and install it from the Addons Area.

I have placed my company in the “powered by” area with graphic, so you can just change that in the \var\skins_repository\base\customer\addons\bottom_copyright\hooks\index\bottom.override.tpl file and just put yours or anything else. The image file is in the \var\skins_repository\base\customer\images folder.

That’s all. Hope it comes handy for some of you.

Fotis[attachment=5074:bottom copyright with address]

bottom copyright with address

Sweet! Good job! Thanks for providing this. I implemented it at our website - with a few modifications.

Bill G, manager/developer