Bot Sends Spam Comments Every 5 Minutes

Starting from yesterday almost every 5 minutes we recieve a notification of a new comment posted to variouse articles and companies ( we have MV edition).


Super infatmorive writing; keep it up.”


Ah yes, nicely put, evoeyrne.”


Definitely it looks like bot-spam but I’m bewildered by absence of any “spam” attachment. Or, as I know, links posting is prohibited inside comments and all those links are just removed automatically by Cs-cart.

So, what should we do to stop this?

These stupid posts are not harmfull but rather annoying

Just enable captcha for Comments and reviews forms on the Settings → Image verification page in the admin panel

The thing is captcha is enabled for all the forms…

This bot hackes it easely I guess.

Should I change captcha preferences from default values to more safe?

This spam drags me crasy, what I'm supposed to do guys???

Tighten up the captcha settings. I was having the same problem, and tightening these settings worked for me. I never get these stupid comments any more.

we tightned it up to the point people had a hard time using it and still had issues. We had to turn off our product question tab.

CS-Cart needs to update this to the google one.

Problem solved

We just switched off two last default options: captcha for authorised users and “after first right answer”.

I guess that real person got authorised and then put login and pass into bot-spam script which had been spamming until we changed captha preferences