Bookmarklets for Quick Menu

Not sure if this will be helpful for anyone but thought to share.

I missed the ability to enter order ID and press “enter” in v1.3.5 to display a specific order’s details directly from the admin homepage…

Currently, you got to click move the mouse to click on the “quick search” area, enter the order id at the keyboard, and move the mouse to click on the “choose” list to display the selection list and click on “order id”.

(or go via the “view orders” route)

So I came up with the following bookmarklet which you can add to your quick menu as a link.

To add a bookmarklet to your quick menu.

  • Click on Quick Menu
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on “add link”
  • Enter name (eg. Display Order Details)
  • Enter link as:
<br />
javascript:var globalvar=prompt('Enter order id','');if(globalvar) { javascript:location='http://store.url/admin.php?dispatch=orders.details&order_id='+globalvar; }<br />

```<br />
- Click on Save.<br />
<br />
When you click on the link you've just added, it will prompt you to enter the "order id" and then display the order details page for that specific order ID which you have entered.<br />
<br />
In the same context, sometimes I just want to view/print the packing slip for a specific order, and want to go to the packing slip page directly.<br />
The steps are same as above, but add the link as:<br />
<br />
javascript:var globalvar=prompt('Enter order id','');if(globalvar) { javascript:(function(){'http://store.url/admin.php?dispatch=orders.print_packing_slip&order_id='+globalvar); })();}<br />

```<br />
<br />
For printing/displaying invoice for a specific order, you just need to replace <br />
[B]dispatch=orders.print_packing_slip[/B] with<br />
[B]dispatch=orders.print_invoice[/B]<br />
in the above link.<br />
<br />
The difference for this packing slip bookmarklet is that it will open the packing slip page in a new window, so you can print and close that window without leaving/redirectly from your admin panel page.