Booking Reservation Addon For Travel Agencies With Cs Cart


I have create the sketch, documentation for development of a easy to use and quite complex addon that allow travel agencies to have a booking system on cs cart. The addon allows to introduce rooms

To set availability/prices and includes a calendar for that.

It is quite complex and covers the needs of i could say all travel agencies that sell accomodation, tours, travel packages.

The addon can allow you also to integrate some API from hotels, travel agencies

I asked for an estimation and the cost of addon development is about 3 thousands usd.

Are any other interested in sharing the costs of the addon to be developed for more travel agencies?

If we are e.g. 3 people the cost will be 1000 usd which is quite good for such a feature.

If yes please send me message.

The real value of an addon of this type (and yes, it is a lot of work) would be a multivendor version (single instance in non-MVE environment) where vendors can manage their own housing inventory and promote/price it as they want with integration from other sources for reserved versus available. Without vendor promotions in standard MVE it can't really be done well.