Bongo for International Shipping


Was wondering if anyone has heard of Bongo and if you have any experience with this service. This service is for shipping items from the US to international addresses.

I am not sure if It would benefit me since i don’t ship much internationally.

International users of Bongo can shop at multiple US sites, have them shipped to a US address and then Bongo ships all of the items to the customer. It still seems expensive for the customer.


One of my suppliers use Bongo and seem happy with it.

Because I dropship I do things a little different though.

When I get an international order I charge a flat $20.00 surcharge because the items have to be shipped to me and then I go down to USPS and ship them to the customer.

It isn’t perfect, but it works. I don’t get a ton of international orders so it is pretty easy. If I started getting multiple international orders everyday I might consider something different.

The $20.00 surcharge is a good enough surcharge that it takes care of shipping things to me, but yet it isn’t a raping for my customers.

Like I said, not perfect, but it works.