hello there,

hopefully some of you can figure and can help me out, since im new to cs-cart.

i have CS-CART MV, and i installed unitheme template from alexbranding. Just update the template few a week ago. suddenly myblog page got error with msg below.

Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable.

Smarty: Unable to load template tygh 'addons/discussion/views/discussion/info_in_blog.tpl' in 'addons/abt__unitheme/hooks/pages/page_extra.override.tpl' -->

i know the problem from the template upgrade, when i switch back to basic template, the blog page working.

im trying to figure out, where the hell the link is?

addons/discussion/views/discussion/info_in_blog.tpl' in 'addons/abt__unitheme/hooks/pages/page_extra.override.tpl

I've ftp and download copy of my back up before upgrade, but still i cant find the file.

my link

It better to contact theme developers with this issue. Mentioned files should be located in