Blog add-on for vendors

Hi all

Anybody know of an add-on or similar, that can offer vendors to enter their blog account at, wordpress or other, and then being able to see the vendors blog on the vendor page?

I would like to know this, too!


Unfortunately I don't know the add-on that can help to integrate vendors with Blogger but you may pay attention at an independent Blog add-on for CS-Cart developed by our team

Now it is possible only for the root administrator of the Multi-Vendor system to create a blog but this add-on can be modified for vendors.

In the end of February - beginning of March we are releasing the new version of the Blog add-on with several new useful features. The topic about our Blog add-on is located here ADDON: "Blog" add-on - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

Best regards, Alt-team

Hello, Sorry if I've posted in the wrong section, i haven't been able to start a new topic. We're planning to buy CS CART Multi Vendor Edition. I have two queries.

  1. I' ve searched thoroughly on various Search Engines to find this particular add-on/module, but in vain i m here. Havent been able to find this particular Rating and Reviews Module used by this website : s h o p c l u e s (dot) com . Can any one point us in the right direction? or tell us if they are using a custom made add-on/module or is this add-on readily available ?
  1. Haven't been able to find too many themes too, we haven't liked the ones we have found till now. Please let us know of any good sources.


Hello Sktbk and welcome to CS-Cart forum!

  1. Please have a look at this module [url=“”][/url] It reminds what you are looking for.

  2. There are several companies that offer ready-made CS-Cart templates, just google and you'll find them. Also, as you probably know, CS-Cart company promises the release of CS-Cart 4 that will include a theme editor. More details you can read in their blog [url=“CS-Cart 4 Beta is on! | eCommerce Blog on Running an Online Marketplace”][/url]

    Best regards, Alt-team